Guideline #5 Return to Exercise & Run After Giving Birth: Mind Your Hips Part 2

Guideline #5 for Return to Fitness & Running Postpartum ‍Part 2: Hip Adductors/Groin/Inner Thighs:

Hip function is super important for core and pelvic floor function. We talked about the 6 hip rotators in Part 1 and today we address the Adductors (your inner thigh muscles) in Part 2. Did you know that the Adductors attach to the 2nd layer of your pelvic floor⁉️That means your inner thigh muscles are part of your Core! ️So check them out- Here’s a test for you: Can you sit in this position symmetrically Or is 1 knee up higher than the other? When you feel around on your inner thigh muscles, are they tender, sore or sensitive (especially if more so on 1 side)? We actually wrote a whole post on Instagram about it! 

Here’s an exercise on the Pilates reformer to activate the adductors:

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