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Hips, Core, and Pelvic Floor Workout At Home!

This is a great exercise to work your hips, core, pelvic floor, and more!⠀ If you actively pull your hands towards your knees, you’ll engage the shoulders and abs. If you actively think about your neck alignment: tucking your chin in slightly without your head dropping down like a wilted rose bud, you’ll also engage your postural muscles. ⠀

In short, this kills multiple birds with one stone- we’re all about efficiency. Who has time for tons of exercises? We want to be effective with our time & get the most bang for our buck. Alli is performing this exercise beautifully with a 2lb. Dumbbell in the crook of her left knee . But it’s not just her left leg that’s doing the work, the right hip is also working a ton to stabilize across her hips and to make sure her spine doesn’t rotate. So if you try this at home and switch legs, expect that second leg to burn, especially the glutes.⠀

Wanna learn more ways to strengthen your hips core pelvic floor and more?Want a licensed women’s health and pelvic floor Physical Therapist with multiple fitness certifications to check your form and make sure you’re doing exercises the right way? Check out our next Core & Pelvic floor Reboot Camp Workshop (like mommybootcamp but waayyyy better!) with Victoria!