How To Have A Successful Recovery Post-Op with Dr. Kelly Wild

Ironhorse PT & Pilates's newest doctor of physical therapy, Dr. Kelly Wild, elaborates on her own rehab journey after she underwent a shoulder surgery in May of 2019. She had endured a labral repair (bicep repair), but was back to Olympic weightlifting by September or October that same year! Here are some of the things that she prioritized as part of her rehab journey:

  • Find an awesome surgeon and physical therapist to work with!
  • When she was not with her physical therapist, she was prioritizing her nutrition. Whether it was taking in more fish oil or consuming enough protein for muscle synthesis, she was dedicated to having the best diet to provide her body with all the resources necessary to build up back to full strength.
  • Exercising (even after 3 days post-op) was essential, as she was able to do lower body exercises, and worked around the shoulder joint. Just because you had one joint worked on, does not mean that you can neglect the other joints of your body. All joints are equally important toward function!
  • Emphasize the importance of sleep. Making sure you are getting to bed early and receiving high quality sleep are both integral in a swift recovery.