Introduction to: Telehealth!

This client is a hairdresser and could not get away from work with all the graduation parties at this time of year (hence the scary looking mannequin heads in the background). She came into the office for her in-person evaluation and treatment session and this video is her follow up telehealth appointment. She is feeling much better after her 1st session but knows that there is much more work to be done to rehab her core after her hysterectomy. Today’s appt included movement analysis and new exercise prescription. We have also referred her to our PT colleagues local to her residence and will follow up with her in a month.

Ladies: A hysterectomy is a major surgery and you should go to physical therapy and rehab to learn how to get back to physical activity the smart way. We have clients who reach out to us from all over the San Francisco Bay Area and drive over an hour to work with us, so are happy to announce that we have added TeleHealth consults for those who reside in CA and online coaching for those who live outside of CA. Request an appointment now!