IronPTMom Working The Sumo Deadlift!

Our Head PT practicing what she preaches! Ladies, do you pee or have back pain when you lift weights? Men, do you have back pain with deadlifts? Common but NOT normal.

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It’s winter so I’m playing with more Barbell lifting during the triathlon off season. This weight is typically my warmup for conventional deadlift 💀 from the floor but having my legs out this wide for sumos makes the weight feel heavy!

This video is me learning how to sumo so my form isn’t perfect here: my hips are rising just before my shoulders and they should really go at the same time. There’s SO much value in being video’d when working out or lifting so you can clean things up! I always ask my patients/clients to send me videos of them at the gym when they have low back pain and still wanna lift. 

There’s tons of ways to scale back and workout with a back issue that I’ll be going over in my Bulletproof Your Back Workshop later today @ironhorsept!

Big shout out and thank you to @patrickxfitness for the on point coaching @equinox!