Kettlebell Arm Bar

Here’s a snippet of the Bulletproof Shoulders Workshop @ironptmom taught earlier this year for Tip Tuesday!

Head to our Youtube if you wanna hear about joint centration and anterior glide syndrome, or where the humeral head (ball) tends to glide forward in the socket. This forward glide tends to throw off the muscles in the shoulder ie. rotator cuff muscles and results in tension in these muscles and possibly putting stress on the structures in the front of the shoulder (like the bicep for example). We like to use a combination of manual therapy and exercise to improve the muscle balance around your shoulders. Enter the kettlebell Arm Bar! 

Make sure you’re gripping the Kettlebell properly! The wrist should NOT bend backwards, keep it neutral, it should make a straight line with the 3rd knuckle of your hand and top of forearm. Just holding the bell in this position may be enough for some people but you can also hold it bottoms up or add rotation (scroll back for a previous post/video on this). Tons of options!