Kettlebell Crooked Arm Bar

Do your shoulders hurt when you try to workout?
Do you have trouble doing push ups?
Did you go to PT but were only given theraband exercises to strengthen your rotator cuff?
Have you been diagnosed with shoulder impingement and avoiding exercise, bench pressing or lifting weights overhead?

Then check this out! This video is an exercise we use for shoulder rehab. Caution: It May NOT be appropriate for you! @ironptmom is demonstrating the crooked arm bar and pressing a 26lb Kettlebell (which is on the light side for her- don’t get heavy with these if you try it!)

This movement is really good for opening up the front of the shoulder and upper back (thoracic spine): 2 really important things for good shoulder health.

Normally, we have our clients hold the arm bar position for a while rather than pressing it but the video was done this way for brevity.

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