Got Knee Pain?

We’ve had a lot of requests lately for exercises to help ease knee pain so, here’s Victoria teaching a quadricep (front of thigh) mobility exercise with a yoga tune up ball. She taught this as part of our Bulletproof Runner Strength and Mobility class but this can help any athlete struggling with knee issues. ❇️”Gnarly” is a very technical term FYI 😂 

❇️ Excessive tension in the quadriceps muscle can create compression across the knee and “releasing” these muscles may give some temporary relief with all sorts of knee problems ie patellofemoral pain, meniscus tears, knee arthritis, etc.

❇️Contrary to what most people think, you CAN’T break up scar tissue with a foam roller or trigger point ball BUT.....does it mean that we should not do these mobility exercises? ❇️We feel that if it helps you, go ahead and do them! 👉But make sure you follow them up with exercises that connect your brain to those muscles and also LOAD and strengthen said muscles appropriately 

❇️Just rolling these muscles are NOT a fix but not a bad start in the self management of your symptoms- Certainly better than taking drugs Or having an injection, In our opinion❗️

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