One way to Fix IT Band Syndrome in San Ramon:

Single leg squats is part of our assessment of this athlete with IT band syndrome and knee pain.

Can you guess which knee hurts this athlete? You gotta watch the whole video.

Background: He is a very strong masters athlete (over 40 years old), is mainly a cyclist who loves to mountain bike and hasn’t run consistently (ever). He decided to do the Spartan Beast in August (because he can and likes the idea of a challenge). The race included 13 miles of running up and down big hills 4400’ of elevation gain/loss + 30 obstacles. No small feat for a “non-runner”.

He completed it but both IT bands were “lit up” on the downhills. A week later, the R leg resolved but the L knee stayed painful. Our head PT treated him and he reported he felt “90% better” the next day. What do you think she did?

A) Had him Foam Roll his IT Band
B) Cupped and massaged his IT Band and knee
C) Stretched his IT Band and then taped it with Rocktape
D) Worked in his ankle and calf
E) Gave him Glute strengthening exercises

** The answer is: D) She worked on his calf and ankle mobility because the ROOT cause of his IT band problem was that his knee kept diving in because his ankle was SO stiff (he had broken it 20 years ago and it stopped hurting so he didn't think it was a problem anymore!). Everytime he ran and stepped down, his knee would collapse, putting a lot of stress on the IT band where it inserts to the outside of his knee. Btw, studies show that the IT Band really doesn't stretch even with 2000 lbs of force attached to it. So foam rolling it, cupping it and scraping it with graston is of Limited value. 

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