Orthotics: Part 2

Orthotics Part 2: ❇️The Research does not show that the $700 orthotics made by medical professionals is really any better than the $40 ones off the shelf ❇️ In our experience, many people never even wear the $700 ones because they’re so uncomfortable 😮 ❇️There is a time and place for Orthotics but we think they should be used more like Crutches and Braces- would you use crutches or a back brace for more than 6-8 weeks❓❇️It’s ok to use them as a “means to an end” but don’t RELY on them and 👉Keep working on your Foot Strength & Mobility❗️Especially If you’re a runner🏃‍♀️. We spend a lot of time on Feet and Ankles in our The Bulletproof Runner Program because they’re the 1st to hit the ground and affects all the joints above ☝️(Hips,knees+back).

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