Our Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Runners

Our Top 5 Holiday Gift picks for Runners:

We love to run and also enjoy helping runners and triathletes stay pain-free, set PR's and continue to run even as they get older! These are some of the products we personally use and recommend to others if longevity and improving run performance is a goal for you or a loved one. 

1) Vivobarefoot shoes for walking around and strength train in: an excellent way to build up the strength in your feet-  We love these shoes so much that we even got a special 30% off discount code for our clients and follower's! Just send us an email at admin@ironhorsept.com for the special code. Here's one for 10% off: AJBARE10. Full disclosure: we don't get anything for promoting their product, we just believe in their brand and wanna share the love with you. 

2) Bulletproof Runner: 6 week Strength & Moblity Course for Runners - This guides you through a structured 6 week RUN-SPECIFIC program. You get:

          -PDF of the exercises we cover joint by joint from feet to core to head/shoulders over the 6 weeks. You can follow the exercises and self-tests on your own time and in the comfort of your own gym/home.

          - Videos of all the exercises, dynamic warm up and cool down/stretch and mobility flows. Each video demonstrates how to do the exercises and stretches so you can follow along and do them correctly.

          - Run specific exercises to improve mobility+ strength w/video instructions

Learn more or purchase by going to this page: I want to run faster & better!

3)  A Kettlebell + a resistance band :  Resistance or Strength Training has been shown to improve run performance and reduce your risk of injuries. With gyms being closed, kettlebells and bands are excellent tools to work on your strength at home. They don't take up much space and are extremely versatile! You need some skill to train effectively and safely though.....here's an instagram post we did on this subject on proper form for kettlebell swings (which teaches you how to generate power from your hips which is great for runners!): 

4) MOBO Board :This is an awesome tool for re-training your feet, developed by our PT colleague Jay Dicharry who is an authority on the subject of running! We highly recommend his books "Anatomy for Runners" and "Running Rewired" . You can purchase this product by clicking on this link: 

5) Bulletproof Runner: Run Gait Analysis Package: The Ultimate gift for yourself or another runner you know! SO much information can be gained by watching you run....if running pain-free is important to you and/or if you wanna run forever (or at least a very long time), THIS is the gift that keeps on giving for years to come! Learn more here: Show me how to run better/faster! Not sure if this is for you? Take our QUIZ: Do I need a Run Gait Analysis? 

We hope you find this Runner's Guide to Gifts helpful and as a thank you for reading this blog, we'd like to share this with you......

**BONUS: Here's a FREE guide on how to be a Bulletproof Runner! You can get it here: I want to be Bulletproof!