Pilates Hamstring Arcs For Stronger Core & Legs!

@ironptmom is demonstrating an exercise we often do in our #pilatesreformer classes: “Hamstring arcs” or “Feet in straps” but she’s modified it for our zoom virtual classes by using a resistance band you can hook up in a door. We’ve got more exercise tips and videos on our YouTube channel (link in BIO to subscribe so you don’t miss all the good stuff!)

It’s an excellent way to “scale” or make core work accessible for where you are in your rehab and/or fitness journey. This exercise is not just for #diastasisrecti but for anyone who needs their legs supported when performing what would otherwise be a very challenging exercise. As you get stronger, you can making this more difficult by using a lighter resistance band or taking it away altogether!

Can you breathe/talk? Can you do this exercise + the variations without “doming” or “bulging” your abs out?

If you’d like some help with a guided, core rehab exercise program or want to decrease back/hip/neck pain, DM us for a telehealth or virtual coaching session! We’re also opening up registration for our next Core & Pelvic Floor ReBoot Camp 4 week Program starting July 9 soon. VERY limited spots for those who are ready to take action to rehab their core and pelvic floor, get out of pain and look/feel better! DM to get on the VIP list for priority registration when it opens!