Post-Achilles Rupture Surgery: Which Ankle Do You Treat?

This is a trick question because we clearly would treat BOTH since there’s some dysfunction being demonstrated on both sides in this squat. But, which Achilles do you think she ruptured training for a Spartan Race? Also, when you’ve been casted or in a boot for a while and non-weightbearing x several weeks, what do you think happens to the rest of your body?  It’s called deconditioning and it happens in less than 2 weeks of being immobilized! Yes, this is the injury Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors just experienced. So on top of the rehab for the actual injury, care must be taken to address the rest of the body too.

  • It would be wise to focus on all the things you CAN do instead of what you can’t.
  • There’s a ton of non-weight bearing exercises for your core, upper body, and hips/knees that you could do in the meantime that don’t stress your Achilles. We’d rather have you focus on those rather than sitting around, waiting for things to heal.
  • Stay tuned to this client’s story as we share parts of her rehab journey!