Post Run Hip Mobility

Static Stretching has gotten a bad reputation lately in regards to it’s usefulness for improving mobility. Are there better ways to improve mobility than just holding a stretch and waiting for it to release? Sure but just remember, ballet dancers, gymnasts and martial artists all do it and are pretty darn mobile. Now controlling that mobility is another matter for a different post! We prefer #mindfulmobility but it’s our belief that there’s a time and place for every movement and exercise! Our Run expert, @ironptmom really likes this Hip Mobility Flow after her Runs. Hold each position for up to 1 minute while taking nice long deep breaths and look for any asymmetry side to side. We cover this and more in our Bulletproof Runner’s Strength & Mobility 6 week Program dropping soon, DM us with your email if you wanna get on the list! #bulletproofrunner#runners #runstrong #mobilityforrunners #mobility #hipmobility#hipmobilityflow #flow #yogaforrunners #stretch #triathletes #ironman#physicaltherapy #sanramon