Progression to Running

Sundays are for squats. Tomorrow is Memorial Day when we celebrate and express gratitude to those who have sacrificed & served our country! If you cross fit, you probably will or may have already done the Murph Challenge = 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, 1 mile run with a 20lb vest. That’s Rx but you can certainly do this workout scaled (and nearly everyone except the top 1% will need to scale since it’s a beast of a workout). Here’s a brief and abridged version of @portal.ido ‘s squat routine which is fantastic. @ironptmom is maintaining a deep squat while adding thoracic/hip rotation so it hits both upper body and lower body mobility. You’ll need both for the Murph Challenge since all those pull-ups require some shoulder and back mobility. Especially if you plan on kipping pull ups. All Spine motions are coupled so thoracic rotation improves flexion and extension as well (translation: rotation makes bending and arching your back better- important for kipping). Give it a shot and good luck on the workout! P.S. This is also a great position for someone who has a hypertonic pelvic floor. Yes, your PF muscles CAN be TOO TIGHT.