Reducing Swelling and Increasing Mobility of an Ankle Sprain

Just sprained your ankle? Give this a try! Volume ON 🔈if you wanna hear what @ironptmom is doing with a mobility band to help her patient. ⭐️Early mobilization and controlling swelling is really important for successfully treating an acute ankle sprain. ⭐️Then you have to Rehab it with appropriate exercises to regain mobility, strength and proprioception and balance. ⭐️We gave this exercise to a personal trainer we met recently and he was so happy he was able to recover quickly enough to shoot hoops again 2 days later! It normally would’ve taken him several weeks. 👉BUT, we cautioned him that the absence of pain does NOT mean you’re well and that he still needs to go through REHAB in order to get to 100 and prevent it from spraining again. So glad we could we help him with our video 😀#anklesprain #anklesprainrehab #anklesprainfix #basketballinjuries #hiking#runners #marathon #ironman #triathlon #rehab #physicaltherapy#sanramon