Rotator Cuff Tear? Check This Out

Did you know that the ONLY bony attachment of the entire shoulder to your body is the small joint in front of your chest (called your SC joint=Sternoclavicular joint)? Check out the video for a little anatomy 101 of the shoulder: Rotator Cuff Tears do NOT happen in isolation. The muscles in the neck, shoulder blade and upper back all work together as a system and the relative balance or imbalance of these muscles dictate how well your shoulder functions. Having a Rotator Cuff Tear doesn’t mean you NEED to have surgery, many of our clients are able to successfully rehab their shoulder and return to #crossfit #overheadsquats #swimming #pullups#pushups #snatches without pain. Wanna learn what you can do #beyondtherabands to rehab and “fix” your shoulders? Join our next Bulletproof Your Shoulders Workshop on May 6@7pm with our friends from crossfitsr925. Link is down below #shoulders #rotatorcuff#physicaltherapy

Bulletproof Shoulders at CrossFit San Ramon - Monday, May 6 at 7pm

This 60 minute workshop includes self-assessment tests for your shoulder mobility + strength. You'll learn exercises you can immediately use to decrease pain and improve how your shoulders feel when doing overhead activities. If you want to do be able to swim, overhead squat, snatch, or do handstands or pull-ups without pain (and the theraband exercises you got from PT or the internet aren't working), this workshop is for you!

The workshop will be held at CrossFit San Ramon.

2411 Old Crow Canyon Road, Unit N
San Ramon, Ca 94583

No cancellations or refunds however, you may transfer your registration to another person if you can't make it.

Click HERE to book a spot!