Rotator Cuff Tears Do Not Happen in Isolation

There are 4 muscles that form the #rotatorcuff and when things go wrong, it’s usually NOT their fault. The shoulder blade (scapula) is the anchor from which all movement in the shoulder initiates from. See our video post about Shoulder anatomy (click HERE) - there’s only 1 bony attachment of the shoulder to the body, the rest is ALL muscles. So the balance and coordination of ALL of the muscles that connect from your neck to scapula, Scapula to arm, trunk to scapula etc etc. are partly to blame for any rotator cuff injury. The Rotator Cuff is the “victim” who is complaining about Pain but the “bully” or “perpetrator” is silent and needs to be found and dealt with! How many people have these tears or tendinitis or impingement and ONLY get injections/drugs and “rotator cuff” exercises with Theraband? Then the pain comes back as soon as they resume the aggravating activity ie swimming, weightlifting, lifting their kid, reaching into high shelves or back seat of car? The answer is TOO MANY. We believe in treating ROOT cause and not just symptoms. The problem is that root cause is hard to figure out on your own. You can’t see your back or how your shoulder muscles coordinate. Everyone has their blind spots. We treat many personal trainers and other health care professionals (ie doctors + physical therapists) who are often surprised to learn what they didn’t know about their own bodies! It’s no wonder non-medical/non-health people are so confused. So our advice is to get your muscle balance and movement evaluated by a health care professional (either a Physio or Chiropractor knowledgeable in movement, before you resign yourself to “living with the pain” or having unnecessary surgery. OR you can join our next Bulletproof Shoulders Workshop on May 6 to have a licensed and certified Physical Therapist Victoria Liu, who is also a movement specialist assess you at a fraction of the cost of a full 1:1 evaluation. Link to sign up is in the below.

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Bulletproof Shoulders at CrossFit San Ramon - Monday, May 6 at 7pm

This 60 minute workshop includes self-assessment tests for your shoulder mobility + strength. You'll learn exercises you can immediately use to decrease pain and improve how your shoulders feel when doing overhead activities. If you want to do be able to swim, overhead squat, snatch, or do handstands or pull-ups without pain (and the theraband exercises you got from PT or the internet aren't working), this workshop is for you!

The workshop will be held at CrossFit San Ramon.

2411 Old Crow Canyon Road, Unit N
San Ramon, Ca 94583

No cancellations or refunds however, you may transfer your registration to another person if you can't make it.

Click HERE to book a spot!