Run Gait Analysis From Bulletproof Runner Workshop

Run Gait Analysis from our Bulletproof Runner Workshop: See comments for her Slo-Motion video.

This runner had Right side IT band pain at her knee and L hip pain at mile 14 of a training run recently. What do you see from the video that you think might contribute to her issues? We also did a Run screening of her strength & mobility prior to the video. What do you think we found?

PS- she’s an excellent runner who literally PR’d her Half Marathon @berkeleyhalf! Time= 1:46.

We can’t take the credit - she’s been training smart.....keeping her capacity higher than her overall training load. 80% of her runs are done at a slow pace for her and distance is reasonable. MANY run injuries are actually the result of training errors. .

However, if she wants to go to marathon distance, there’s some low hanging fruit we can easily help her with to avoid getting injured.