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"Running On Resistance" Course

Our founder @ironptmom attended “Running on Resistance” Course over the weekend, taught by @zerenpt and got SO much great info that she will immediately apply into our next Bulletproof Runner Workshop on Nov 16 @1-3pm! 

Often patients don’t rehab their running injuries fully and set up a cascade of what we call “the vicious cycle of run injury”. You may develop an injury and ignore it or get it treated but incompletely, then you return to running and another body part starts hurting and then it goes on.....until one day, the pain stops you from running completely. That’s the worst! Sound familiar? Has this happened to you?

Here’s an example of taking someone to end range and having them do heavy eccentrics (the “negative” portion of a lift or really slow controlled muscle contraction as the muscle is lengthening).

@ironptmom tore her hamstring last year in a freak accident on a trail run. She rehabbed it well enough to run CIM marathon 3 months later but she still has some room for improvement!

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