Scaled Hollow Body Holds

Our client @jgraygymnastics is 3.5 months postpartum and is working hard to rehab her core and pelvic floor so she can get back to Olympic weight lifting the SMART way!

She’s a really strong woman, a former competitive gymnast and is a crossfit gymnastics coach.

Like many postpartum women , she was nervous and didn’t know what to do for her abs and pelvic floor so she avoided doing anything until she saw an expert in women’s health PT.

But that PT didn’t understand her starting point of fitness and doesn’t understand the demands of her sport . She was only given breathing exercises (which is great!) and body weight squats. But she is capable of so much more!

Check out what we did with her on her 1st session: Scaled or regressed versions of hollow body holds, a version of deadbug on the pilates cadillac and chin-ups!

Caution: Not many women can do this stuff with good control after having a baby but @jgraygymnastics is not average so her program looks very different from our other clients who didn’t come from her athletic background. 

Every woman’s postpartum journey is different and we believe your exercises and advice should be tailored to YOUR specific needs, not a cookie cutter program.

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