Scapula CAR's on Pull-up Bar

Scapula CARs= Shoulder Blade Controlled Articular Rotations.

1st Video done from a pull-up bar. @ironptmom is taking her shoulder blade through a full range of motion while hanging in a hollow position from the bar. Go to our Instagram page @ironhorsept for 2nd video where she demonstrates the same scapula movements in quadruped (on hands and knees). Much easier! The 2 scapula (shoulder blades) are connected to the body aka thorax primarily by muscles. Strengthening and controlling those muscles through a full range of motion is great for both shoulder stability AND mobility. The 2nd video can also also helpful for those which neck issues or pain. The rotator cuff muscles cannot work properly without a stable and strong base (scapula). Either version of the exercise can be done daily or as a warmup or cooldown to your: pull-ups, swimming, overhead pressing, snatches, and overhead squats. 

Give it a shot and tell us which version you like better!