Shoulder Mobility Test

It’s #movementmonday so here’s a “Shoulder” Mobility Test. In reality, it tests A LOT of things- not just your shoulders but, play along for a moment. On this dowel, there are 1 inch markings to measure how far apart your hands are in order to pull it all the way over your head, without bending your elbows or flaring your ribs. The closer your hands are together, the better your range of motion is. See if you feel a difference between the 2 sides or if you can even do this at all? @ironptmom is demonstrating several versions of this test 1) Over your head 2) around in a circle 3) with a “supinated” grip (palms forward) starting Behind the back and 4) dowel stays still, she moves her neck around to see if it changes the tension in her arms (maybe a test for neural tension or adverse neurodynamics vs fascial lines?) Anyway, we often see mobility issues in the upper quarter (back, neck shoulders) with our clients who have #tenniselbow#golferselbow#neckpain #shoulderpain or have trouble with doing #overheadsquat#militarypress #snatches #olympicweightlifting #crossfit
How do you measure up? We’d love to hear how it goes, post in comments or tag a friend who needs more shoulder mobility! #overheadpress #shoulders #swimmers #triathlon #ironman #triathletes#swimming #physicaltherapy #sanramon #danvilleca