Client Spotlight: Darian

⭐️Client Spotlight + #workitoutwednesday all in 1 post! Our client Darian has had chronic low back pain x 7 yrs after being diagnosed with a “degenerative disc @L5-S1”. She’s been managing it with weekly chiropractic visits but was frustrated that the pain would always come back and she’d have to go for another adjustment to get relief. After working with us, she’s come a LONG way and is able to do athletic things like this sideplank with a plus with good form and pain-free 👍 Dr. Ben is progressing her strength program so she can do all her athletic events without the fear of back pain limiting her. She’s also doing our Rehab Pilates Program. Well done Darian, keep up the great work 👏 So you are NOT your diagnosis and there’s always hope even if you’ve been living with pain for a long time and “have gotten used to it”. Life is short, why settle? Carpe diem 💥
PS- she still goes to her chiropractor but needs adjustments a lot less frequently and we’re happy to be part of her team because it takes a village to keep athletes healthy❗️
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