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Strengthen Your Core and Pelvic Floor: Say Goodbye to Mummy Tummy and Aches!


Summer is in full swing, and I hope you are enjoying every bit of it. Whether you're relaxing by the pool or hitting the beach, it's essential to take care of your body, especially your core and pelvic floor. Today, we're going to dive into the world of Diastasis Recti, commonly known as "mummy tummy," and how it can affect not only your appearance but also your overall strength and well-being. Join me on this journey to discover how strengthening your core can alleviate aches and pains while making you feel more confident in your swimsuit or swim trunks!

Understanding Diastasis Recti and Core Weakness

Diastasis Recti, or "mummy tummy," is a condition that affects not only women but also men. It involves the separation of the abdominal muscles, causing a bulging appearance around the midsection. However, the consequences of Diastasis Recti go beyond aesthetics. Many individuals with this condition also experience weakened core muscles, leading to various aches and pains throughout the body.

Did you know that core weakness can be a root cause of back, hip, knee, and neck pain? Poor posture and an underdeveloped core can put unnecessary strain on other areas of your body, resulting in discomfort and reduced functionality. But fret not! There are ways to address these issues and reclaim control over your body.

Client Success Stories: A Testament to the Power of Core Rehabilitation

To truly appreciate the potential of core rehabilitation, let's take a moment to celebrate the success of some of our clients. Witness their inspiring journeys as they overcame Diastasis Recti, pelvic prolapse, and knee pain through dedicated hard work and guidance.

Client #1's story demonstrates how rehabilitating Diastasis Recti and pelvic prolapse allowed her to return to workouts and CrossFit without the worry of back pain or leaks. Meanwhile, Client #2's revelation of finding relief from knee pain through core and pelvic floor exercises highlights the interconnectedness of our body's muscles and the profound impact core strength can have. Here's Client #1's inspiring postpartum recovery story:

Unlocking Your Core's Potential: 6 Core Exercises for All

For those eager to take action, we've prepared "6 Core Exercises for Runners," which are beneficial for everyone, not just runners. These exercises require no equipment and can be done in the comfort of your home.

While these exercises offer a great start, we understand that individual needs may vary. Therefore, if you require more guidance and support to build up your core strength, feel free to reach out to us through call or text at 925-222-5446 or book a complimentary phone consultation with our experts, Dr. Kate or Dr. Colin.

Join Our Core & Pelvic Floor Workshop for Lasting Results

If you're ready to take your core and pelvic floor journey to the next level, mark your calendar for our upcoming Core & Pelvic Floor Workshop on Saturday afternoon, 8/19/23, at 3 pm.

During this 75-minute hands-on workshop, you'll gain valuable insights, including:

  1. Understanding what true core strength and control entail (hint: it's not just about having a 6-pack).
  2. Diastasis Recti screening and measurement for all participants.
  3. Addressing the causes of urinary incontinence during activities like coughing, sneezing, jumping, or running.
  4. Learning effective core and pelvic floor strengthening techniques (hint: it's more than just kegels!).
  5. Receiving a starter exercise program to strengthen your core and pelvic floor at home with minimal to no equipment.

Remember, core and pelvic floor exercises are not solely for leak prevention or postpartum recovery; they can also address pelvic floor tightness and other related issues!

Early Bird Offer: Reserve Your Spot Today!

Secure your spot for the Core & Pelvic Floor Workshop before July 31, and take advantage of the early bird rate of $125. Starting August 1, the cost will increase to $150. We maintain a small class size to ensure personalized attention, and there are only 2 spots left!

Learn more or sign up here: Core and Pelvic Floor Workshop

Experience Personalized Coaching for Lasting Change

At our workshop, you'll have the chance to receive 1:1 coaching on your form with our expert. We understand the value of individual attention, and that's why we make our knowledge on this subject accessible to more individuals through workshops like these.


Don't let core weakness hold you back from enjoying a pain-free and confident summer. Take charge of your health and well-being by addressing Diastasis Recti and strengthening your core and pelvic floor. Join us at the Core & Pelvic Floor Workshop to embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, more functional you. Let's make this summer one to remember, filled with strength, vitality, and joy!

For more information about the workshop or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or text us at 925-222-5446 or simply sign up here: Sign Me Up!

Let's embrace this opportunity to strengthen our cores and thrive together!