Sumo Deadlifts for Hip Mobility and Groin Rehab!

When you have a pretty significant back injury or herniated disc but you have an awesome personal trainer and physical therapist on your Rehab Team who know how to work together to get you to pain free sumo deadlifts with good form. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Our client “CC” wants to get back to playing soccer. He has some limited hip mobility and hurt his back, groin and hip flexor 1 year ago and hasn’t played since.

@ironptmom found the limitations on her comprehensive evaluation and communicated with CC’s trainer Matt from @equinox . She noted good improvement with some Pilates based exercises in our office while Matt came up with the great idea of working on Sumo deadlifts to get him to actively work on his hip mobility.

CC has to actively drive his knees out for Sumo position which helps the groin or adductor muscles relax and lengthen. There are multiple ways to get the job done (from pilates to barbells) and we’re happy to see CC benefiting from all of the tools.

Comebacks are always motivating so stay tuned for more on CC’s return to soccer.

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