Top 6 Exercises For Improving Posture!

With the increased use of computers and phones amidst the COVID-19 situation, we have been hearing lots of people having issues with their increased neck and back pain. Therefore, we wanted to provide everyone with a list of our TOP 6 exercises to improve posture and counteract computer and text neck! For easy navigation, all exercises have videos attached to them from our Youtube channel. If you enjoy the content on our Youtube channel, feel free to subscribe.

Please reach out if you have pain with any of these movements, need a tune up or have questions. We are open during this time but our schedule is filling up fast, so contact us at 925-222-5446 as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

#1. The best exercise for stiff neck and upper back:

#2. Pilates Chest Opener:

#3. The best stretch for your back and shoulders:

#4. Pilates Swan for your back:

#5. Deadlift with Kettlebell:
Having the kettlebell being behind the back stretches open the chest and this type of deadlift helps strengthen the back side of the body which prevents us from becoming rounded over old people!

#6. Strengthen your core & shoulders:
You can do these with a band attached to a doorknob or try to get your arms in this position with your back to the wall. Can you touch your wrists and forearms to the wall while keeping your back flat against the wall?