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What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy (PT) improves the way you move. We focus on  getting you back to enjoying your life, work and/or favorite athletic activity. At Ironhorse Physical Therapy and Pilates, it’s about optimizing your sports performance and releasing your untapped athletic potential as well as getting you pain-free so you can play with your kids or grandkids.

We provide “performance” physical therapy. As trained athletes, with a comprehensive background in PT, we look for deficits that are holding you back from your full athletic ability.

Can’t get the full range of motion from your golf swing? Or can’t stretch that swimming stroke out as far as you used to? We have techniques to help release built-up tightness in your shoulders that you might not even be aware of. Can’t leverage your full strength in your run? Through stability exercises we can help you reduce weaknesses in your body which are usually left unattended. These and many others, are inefficiencies that we continually correct through our practice, achieving amazing results.

This is physical therapy. It’s different than going to see a chiropractor. PTs looks at the “big picture,” evaluating, diagnosing and treating even minor ailments to problems in your neck, upper back, lumbar spine or anywhere else in the body.

The Ironhorse PT difference:
At many physical therapy clinics in San Ramon, a higher patient turn-around is the goal. This takes the focus off the patient and puts it on the quickest means to increasing how many patients are seen each hour. Many times you may spend only 20 minutes with a PT, who treats the pain at the source with basic corrective exercises, then sends you on your way. At Ironhorse PT and Pilates, you receive the entire focus of the therapist the entire time. That’s the kind of individual and dedicated attention every skilled athlete deserves.