Why Gifting a PT Session is Better Than A Massage

The holidays are coming up and a lot of us are thinking of buying massage packages for our loved ones, which is a great idea and a lovely gesture. But if you really want to help them and WOW them at the same time, then we suggest gifting them a session with one of our highly skilled PTs.
Here's what you get in a PT session that you don't get in a massage:
1. Learn the CAUSE of your pain/discomfort/stiffness not just massage it.
2. Massages only give you temporary relief, it doesn't help you figure out a long term solution.
3. PT gives you the power to take control of your pain/discomfort/stiffness with exercises you can do on your own.
4. Develop a plan so the problem doesn't come back in the future.
Not sure yet if PT is helpful?

Our client (K) had really tight hamstrings. She had been stretching and rolling her tight “hamstring“ for 3 weeks with only temporary relief. In fact, all the stretching she was doing was actually making it worse because she was pulling and irritating her sciatic nerve.

Check out the video to see what actually helped her! (*hint: it wasn’t stretching or massaging her hamstring). We actually treated her spine in order to take the tension off of her sciatic nerve.
Ready to gift a PT package to your loved one?

We have put together a special holiday gift package that is $75 off for 2 visits. This package includes 1 evaluation appointment and 1 follow up visit with a Physical Therapist.

The first visit is a comprehensive evaluation of the problem(s) and treatment which may include deep tissue massage, joint manipulation/mobilization, trigger point release, ART and muscle re-education with therapeutic exercise Pilates, TRX, and kettlebells. The follow-up visit will be to check on the progress.

Call (925) 222-5446 for more details and to purchase the package.