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Improve Your Run Performance & Run Pain Free With Our Run Gait Analysis Bulletproof Runner Package

Running and triathlon are demanding sports that require a great deal of strength, endurance, and technique. At Ironhorse Physical Therapy, we understand the importance of proper form and efficient movement in these sports. That's why we're excited to offer our latest technology - 3D Run Gait Analysis - to runners and triathletes of all levels.

Our Run Gait Analysis Bulletproof Runner Package includes videotape analysis + specialized software by Runeasi to analyze your running form and identify any imbalances or issues that may be affecting your performance or causing pain. This advanced technology allows us to provide you with a personalized treatment plan to help you reach your full potential.

Whether you're a seasoned runner or a triathlete preparing for your next race, our Run Gait Analysis can help you achieve your goals. By addressing your form and any underlying issues, you can run faster, better, and pain-free.

At Ironhorse Physical Therapy, we have a team of experienced professionals who specialize in working with runners and triathletes. We understand the unique demands of these sports and can provide you with the expertise you need to perform at your best. We even have a RRCA certified run coach who is also a licensed physical therapist specializing in runner and triathlete injuries and performance.  

Our Run Gait Analysis Bulletproof Runner Package includes:

  • In-depth analysis of your running form using video and specialized software.
  • Identification of any imbalances or issues that may be affecting your performance or causing pain.
  • Personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs, including exercises and training recommendations.
  • Follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Don't let injuries or inefficient movement hold you back from reaching your full potential. Contact Ironhorse Physical Therapy today to schedule your Run Gait Analysis and take the first step towards maximizing your running potential. Check out the pictures and videos below to see the technology in action!

What gets measured, gets improved and we love having ALL.THE.DATA. Mainly because data helps us make wise decisions on how to modify training and rehab for our patients. The data we get from Runeasi 3D gait lab softweare also makes the invisible visible -you can't fix something you can't see!

Here's another great example: One of the things that runners can do to decrease knee pain is run on an incline (slight uphill). Knee pain running downhill is a very common complaint runners/triathletes. The problem is how do you know what grade of an incline the runner should run at to improve their run metrics or run quality? We can rely on the runner telling us about pain BUT, this is what we call a "lagging indicator"- it's a bit slow ie you may run quite poorly or inefficiently for a long time before your body actually registers there's pain. Also, what about runners who are relatively pain-free during the run but have pain AFTER? The damage is already done, the tissue is already sensitized and now that athlete has to let things calm down before they can resume training again.

Below is a video of a runner with pain in both knees after running a 10k last July. She'd been afraid to run ever since and we worked with her to correct some things with her feet and hips and felt she could start a run/walk program. The Runeasi data showed us what incline we needed to set the treadmill to decrease the load across her knees and what point her run quality improved. It was at 8%! We couldn't have guessed that- without that data showing us exactly where that transition was, we would've had her run at 3-5%. That would NOT have been enough. She needed 8%. Check it out:

This run gait analysis software gives us useful data like run quality, cadence, impact duration (your ability to absorb shock), impact magnitude, dynamic stability (how stable your hips/low back and pelvis are) as well as your run symmetry (if your right and left legs are equal or is 1 leg doing more work?)

What it doesn't tell (as is the case with ALL data) is the WHY! This is where clinical experience, joint by joint and muscle testing along with run-specific movement tests like this one below are super important. Data without intelligent interpretation is useless at best and harmful at worst. Try the single leg squat test below and see how you do:

One more story illustrating how too much knowledge in the wrong hands can be a dangerous thing: This one is about a former patient of ours- a professional triathlete who went to a run camp with triathlon/run coaches who analyzed his run gait and told him he had excessive hip drop. in case you don't know what that is, here's a picture:

Run Faster/better (and Pain Free ) With My New Run Gait Analysis Software
Anyway, he reached out and sent us a screenshot of his hip drop and asked us what he should do to "fix" it. We told him that we wouldn't mess with his gait pattern unless we could do a proper evaluation. In the meantime, he was instructed to widen his feet by the triathlon camp coaches and and he really tried very hard to change his gait pattern to "fix" this hip drop. Well, by the time he came in to see us, he had developed some hip pain that he thought was a groin/hip flexor strain but it was suspicious so we sent him for an MRI. It turned out that he had developed a "bone stress injury" which is basically a stress fracture in his hip (aka femur). He attributes the injury to the changed run gait pattern that was new. Yikes! So that's how data can be harmful with incorrect interpretation. You really need BOTH!

If you want to maximize your running potential and performance, our Run Gait Analysis Bulletproof Runner package is a game changer! You get cutting edge technology coupled with intelligent interpretation and program design by experts in the field of physical therapy and performance for runners and triathletes. if you have specific questions or would like to discuss a particular issue you’re having, you can always book a totally free, no obligation phone consult with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy: Free phone consult