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How It Works

How It Works | Ironhorse Physical Therapy & Pilates
We begin by performing a comprehensive evaluation and then designing a treatment plan to achieve your rehab and athletic goals. This is a partnership. Our commitment is to design the right program geared toward maintaining high energy levels and building your excitement as we begin to generate results.

In your evaluation, we find what deficits and performance “limiters” you have and look at the body as a whole, not just the parts that hurt or don’t work well. This is how Ironhorse PT and Pilates is different from many other PT, chiropractic and massage therapists. Most places will just work on the area that hurts, and while this usually will give you some relief, it’s usually temporary. The body is inextricably linked and what happens in one part effects the other parts: when you throw a rock in the middle of a pond, it sends ripples outward. How far the ripples travel depends on the force at which the rock is thrown. So an injury occurring at your hip may have consequences for your knee, back and even your neck! For example, if you are a “quad dominant” athlete and have knee pain, we may need to look at why you can’t access your glutes or can’t perform a proper squat, and it may involve looking up and down the chain at your spine/hips and/or your feet. If you have shoulder pain when you swim, we look at all the contributing factors that relate to your shoulder pain which may include your thoracic spine (upper back) and core integration. We understand this concept and make sure that we do a comprehensive evaluation in order the develop the best plan for you to reach your goals, whether it’s being able to lift your baby or to completing an Ironman.

Treatment sessions at Ironhorse Physical Therapy and Pilates are 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the complexity of the problem(s). You will never be “double-booked,” and you will only be treated by one therapist. We do not use aides or assistants, ensuring the highest quality care available.

What Some of Our Patients Are Saying…

“…the best physical therapist I’ve worked with.” — Patrice C.

“…outstanding level of knowledge in her field of physical therapy and physical training.” — Bill D.

“…they aim to get you back to performance shape.” — Kyle A.

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