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Welcome to
Ironhorse Physical Therapy

At Ironhorse Physical Therapy and Pilates in San Ramon, CA, we take a “whole-istic” approach to help you stay fit, active and mobile through our personalized one-on-one approach to treatment. We know you don’t want to be sidelined from your active life, whether you enjoy running, Cross-Fit, competing in triathlons or playing with your kids or grandkids.

We are distinguished for our ability to blend the demands of your life and sports of choice with your physical wellness to allow you to participate pain-free and with peak energy. We know and understand the demands of your sport and how your body must be prepared and sustained to enjoy it.

At Ironhorse Physical Therapy and Pilates, which offers physical therapy services to residents of Pleasonton, Dublin, Castro Valley, Danville, San Ramon, Alamo, and surrounding tri-valley and East Bay area, we take treatment to a new level by utilizing the diverse backgrounds and expertise of our team which includes a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, certified Pilates instructor, certified Russian Kelltebell instructor, Certified Active Release Technique (ART) therapist and a Run/Triathlon coach.

When injury happens, we guide you through the process of managing your pain, healing and most importantly, taking the steps to prevent the injury from recurring.

The foundation of our success with physical therapy in the tri-valley area is that we treat you as a whole person, rather than just focusing on where it hurts. Through our extensive training and experience, we are aware that the location of your pain may not reflect the actual cause of your discomfort.
For example, a prior foot or ankle injury may have prompted you to unconsciously develop an altered gait or running pattern, and that has turned into hip pain. In a traditional facility, you would be treated for the hip because that is where it hurts. But that won’t solve your problem. It will also cause mental stress when, after a course of physical therapy, the hip pain returns.
But taking the time for a full assessment and pin-pointing the cause of the pain, we are able to treat it and help you avoid a recurrence of the issue.