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Kettlebell Strength Training in San Ramon, CA

Looking for an effective fat burning + strength/conditioning workout? Kettlebell Training is awesome for that too! But you gotta have good form and know what you’re doing.

Here’s a video demonstration of Victoria doing one of the most butchered exercises in Kettlebell Training:

The Kettlebell Swing! In slow motion. Don’t squat your swings! 

Kettlebells are a great rehab and training tool for the residents of San Ramon. We often start clients with their spine unloaded on the Pilates reformer to train the core and as they get better, we transition them to some kettlebell training to simulate the lifting one must do in real life i.e. groceries/laundry/kids! We also train clients who want to improve their fitness or sports performance using kettlebells.

What are the Benefits of Kettlebell Strength Training?

- Improve hip mobility;

- Maximize your core strength;

- Improve shoulder stability;

- Help ease back pain;

- Improve sports performance;

- Run faster and stronger.

Kettlebell Strength Training in San Ramon

We recently did a live video of our Beginners Kettlebell Foundations Workshop and it was very effective so we put together an at home program! The at home program is a combination of video demonstrations + instruction organized into sections: Hip Hinge, Deadlift, Swing, & Turkish Get Up to help you learn the basics of Kettlebell training. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you may even join our more advanced Kettlebell Core & Flow class. Click HERE or scroll to the bottom to view some sample videos from the class. 

Learn SKILLS and get a great work out! **This is perfect for those looking for an at home program with QUALITY instruction and without getting HURT!** You DON’T need to be in good shape to start but you will MOVE and FEEL better after following this program. 

**Train with THE ONLY level 2 (advanced) RKC certified Kettlebell Instructor in San Ramon, PMA certified Pilates teacher and licensed Physical Therapist, Victoria Liu. She trains and certifies other personal trainers in SAFE and effective Kettlebell training.

Private training with Victoria would normally cost $275/session but this at home program is ONLY $50.

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This video is a snippet of the workshop where Victoria talks about 3 biggest mistakes people make when deadlifting and may be the cause of low back pain:

**Kettlebell Core & Flow Level I &II:

 It’s a fusion of Kettlebell, Pilates and Flow to maximize your core strength and bone density while improving your posture and mobility. Learn SKILLS and get a great work out! In the first session, there’s an assessment to your current training status as well as an injury screen. This workshop will be tailored to your individual needs in a small group setting. Space is limited (max. 6) to ensure quality one on one attention. **This is perfect for those looking for Personal Training with Quality instruction and without getting HURT!** You DON’T need to be in good shape to join but you will MOVE and FEEL better after taking this workshop. We take the best from these training systems and fuse them together to give you a safe and effective workout. 

** Beginner Kettlebell Foundations Workshop** 

Our *Kettlebell Beginner/Foundations Workshop*is for people who want to learn how to train using Kettlebells. The workshop will run for 75 minutes. This workshop is perfect to learn the basics of Kettlebell training so you can practice at home and be ready to join our next Kettlebell Core & Flow class.  Emphasis is on precision and quality of movement so space is VERY limited (max of 6). Cost is $75 which is a great deal for a small group training with Victoria. The class is very popular and fills up quickly. 


If you have any questions, want to know if this class is right for you, or just want to sign up, feel free to reach out at any time by emailing admin@ironhorsept.com or calling/texting us at 925-222-5446.

You can check out a sample of what we’ll cover in the class below:

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