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Pilates Sessions in San Ramon, CA

These semi-private sessions are perfect for individuals who have completed their rehab or physical therapy treatment for an injury or condition and would like to either maintain their health or continue to improve and progress their fitness level. There is ongoing communication between the licensed Physical Therapists and certified/trained Pilates Instructors to ensure a safe and effective workout that focus on your needs as an individual.

Some of the classes/sessions are taught by a licensed Physical Therapist as well. This is quite different from going to a general Pilates studio where there can be 8-10 students of different levels and with different issues. Some exercises done in a larger group class may be good for you but some may be detrimental... How would you know the difference? 

Read more about how it’s generally not a good idea to take group Pilates, Barre, or Yoga in order to fix your neck/back/shoulder pain, etc.

Hybrid In-Person or Virtual Mat Pilates

We offer 1 mat Pilates class every week which is recorded and emailed to all participants.

We have limited spots for people who'd like to expereince the class in person but you may join the same class virtually! If you cannot attend the live session or would like to repeat the workout, you have access to the videos until the next class session. 

Class Meets Every Tuesday at 1:00pm.

If you would like to try a class, call or text us at 925-222-5446 to sign up now.

Semi Private Pilates Reformer Sessions

Monday at 9am with Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Kate

Tuesday at 11am with Dr. Kate, 5pm and 6pm with Dr. Shideh

Wednesday at 5pm and 6pm with Dr. Shideh

Thursday at 10am with Dr. Kate, 3pm with Dr. Victoria (Ironfit Club: 60+ years old includes pilates reformer, strength and balance training)

Current Class Schedule (2022)

Current Pilates Class Schedule

Want to see how we incorporate Pilates into our physical therapy program?

Our licensed and certified physical therapist does a thorough evaluation 1st and then designes a plan to meet the goals of the client or patient. We ensure each client is given individualized attention and using the proper form. We use several different pieces of Pilates equipment i.e. mat, spine corrector, reformer, chair and trapeze table for a well-rounded, full body workout with focused attention to alignment and posture. We often follow our manual therapy treatment with pilates based rehab work in our 1 hour long sessions. 

We also offer these classes and workshops several times per year: Beginning Kettlebell Training, Kettlebell Core & Flow, Bulletproof Runner and Core & Pelvic Floor Reboot Camp.

Call or text 925-222-5446 for dates or more information.

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