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Running Gait Analysis in San Ramon, CA

Our Run Gait Analysis Package includes:

  1. A full musculoskeletal assessment - like checking the “hood under your car”: is everything working properly?
  2. Discussion of your training plan and goals.
  3. Videotape run gait analysis: includes a front, back and side view of your running form to show you in slow motion what you are doing well and what can be improved upon or what is contributing to pain (if you have any) during your run.
  4. 3D Run Gait Analysis data which includes a PDF report of your: 1) cadence, 2) ability to absorb shock and impact during your run, 3) your hip stability 4) Right vs Left leg symmetry 5) overall run form and quality (run score), 6) Your weakest link, 7) how much impact you make with the ground. Learn more about this cutting edge technoiogy here: 3D Run Gait Analysis
  5. From those findings, we develop a plan to improve your run performance or help you run pain-free. This also includes shoe/orthotic recommendation, corrective exercises and a run-specific strengthening program.

Please call/text us at 925-222-5446 or contact us to book your Run Gait and Run Form Analysis package (or to buy one as a gift). 

Running Gait Analysis for Knee Pain

Here’s an example of a Run Gait Analysis we did for one of our running clients who was having knee pain:

Running Gait Analysis for IT Band Problems

Here's a screen shot of another run gait analysis we did on a runner who was having problems with her IT band:

Running Gait Analysis for IT Band Problems

Running Gait Analysis for Hip and Knee Issues

Here's a video of another runner who came to us with hip and knee issues:

Bulletproof Runner Program in San Ramon, CA

You “get in shape to run, not run to get in shape”!

Bulletproof Runner GraphicDid you know that 82% of runners sustain a running injury in their lifetime?! Now that we’ve all been quarantined, many are either taking up running or increasing their mileage. Would you like to avoid being a statistic?

Our run expert and certified physical therapist, Victoria Liu has created different programs including a video guide to help you run strong and healthy! Scroll down to see the different program options available.

With Bulletproof Runner program, you’ll measure posture, alignment, mobility, strength and core stability necessary to run well, efficiently and for longevity. You’ll be able to assess yourself and know where you stand on the mobility and strength needed to run strong and injury-free. Learn how our patients and clients continue to run half marathon and full marathon distances even when they’re 65+ years old, even one that’s 80 years old!

Bulletproof Runner Video Guide

Our Bulletproof Runner Video Program guides you through multiple tests to see:

  1. How likely you are to get injured and
  2. How you can improve your run performance. 

Bulletproof Runner Video Guide Graphic

This program is only $50 and we will be donating a portion of the profit to Girls on the Run.

Girls on the Run is a life-changing program for 8-13 year old girls that promotes girl empowerment by teaching life skills through lessons and running. 

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Bulletproof Runner’s 6 week Strength & Mobility Program

“Because you dont just run with your feet, you run with your whole body!”

Want a complete program that you can work on at home at your own pace? Consider getting our “Bulletproof Runner’s 6 week Strength & Mobility Program” which guides you through a structured 6 week RUN-SPECIFIC program.

What you get with the 6 week Bulletproof Runner’s Strength & Mobility program:

  1. PDF of the exercises we cover joint by joint from feet to core to head/shoulders over the 6 weeks. You can follow the exercises and self-tests on your own time and in the comfort of your own gym/home.
  2. Videos of all the exercises, dynamic warm up and cool down/stretch and mobility flows. Each video demonstrates how to do the exercises and stretches so you can follow along and do them correctly.
  3. Run specific exercises to improve mobility, flexibility and strength with video instructions.
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Resources for Runners

If you’re brand new to running, or returning to running after an injury, we have a couple of free resources for you below: 

Return to Running Guidelines for Postpartum Women - The Bulletproof Runner: Postpartum Edition Cover

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