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The most rewarding aspect of our work at Ironhorse Physical Therapy & Pilates, where we take a “whole-istic” approach to physical therapy in San Ramon, Danville, Alamo, Tri-Valley and Easy Bay area, is the response of our patients as they return to happy, activity-filled lives after treatments.

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Here is what some of our patients have to say about us:

"I have been seeing Victoria at Ironhorse PT and Pilates for over two years. I started going to Ironhorse PT and Pilates with a goal to gain better balance and overall core strength. They brought me well beyond my goals and even helped me bring my body and mind to a place where I was able to complete a half-ironman! I continue to go to Ironhorse PT and Pilates twice a week to maintain and built upon the strength and stability they have shown me is so important to live a healthy and well balanced life. I highly recommend them for not only building a balanced and strong body, but also for helping to put to rest body pains and aches. I have learned a lot about my body and different movement tendencies that I would never have noticed on my own. Understanding why these tendencies exist and working to change the way I stand, sit, and move has helped me get rid of many pains that I thought just came with age. This is not just a "momentary fix" organization, they help you easily and effectively change your life habits for long time success."

- MW 2016

“I was a 55  year old women who one day woke up not being able to straighten myself to a standing position or sit upright. I had a herniated disc. I was told by my neurosurgeon to try Pilates Therapy to strengthen my core if I didn’t want to undergo back surgery. That is how I came to know and train with Victoria. She helped me to overcome the extreme pain and mobility issues I was having and to eliminate my need for prescription pain pills. On my first visit with Victoria she did a complete physical assessment and came up with a program tailored to meet my issues. We started with Pilates exercises on a reformer along with some manual muscle manipulation. I was truly amazed at how quickly my body started to respond. I think it had a lot to do with how Victoria truly cares about helping you heal and repair your body. She is patient and understanding of your limitations when it comes to your mental and physical abilities. She answers your questions and educates you about your body. She encourages and motivates you to push through the pain. When you leave your session you feel inspired, a sense of accomplishment, and rejuvenated (maybe even a little sore). You look forward to your next session because you see improvement.  It has been 7 years and I have never needed back surgery. I continue to see Victoria to maintain my core strength, flexibility, and do other strength training. Her favorite saying to me is  “exercise strengthens your muscles around your bones and by improving your balance and coordination as you age you will be less lightly to experience a bone fracture due to a fall”.  For the same price as a Personal Trainer at a large Gym, I get an intimate environment to work out in be it Pilates, TRX, or physical rehabilitation. I do not feel intimidated or judged by others. Victoria is continuously on top of the newest methods for both strength training and muscle manipulation techniques. She herself is a high level athlete and she practices what she preaches on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Victoria to anyone that is looking for a great Physical Therapist or a Great Physical Trainer – she is both!

- R.W.

“I’m 76 years old and have had a really bad left leg since my 20’s. I’ve had multiple surgeries for skin cancer that resulted in extensive skin grafts, muscle and lymph node excision. Ultimately this lead to scarring, loss of flexibility, weakness, a limp, drop foot and loss of sensation. I started to fall and could not lift my left leg into the car without using my hands to help me. I had about given up on getting better. A friend recommended Pilates and I’d barely heard of it and didn’t know anything about it. I contacted a local Pilates studio and was recommended to Victoria who was both a Physical Therapist and certified Pilates Instructor. A regular Pilates instructor wouldn’t be the best choice given my problems and special circumstances. When I started, Victoria worked with me too regain flexibility, then strength and finally endurance. What an AMAZING DIFFERENCE! With regular Pilates exercise through the lens of a licensed Physical Therapist, I’ve regained muscle, my flexibility and lots of strength. I walk without a limp, bicycle, hike, kayak, and travel all over the world without limitations. I can lead an active lifestyle despite my age of nearly 77 years. I want to continue as long as I live. Pilates has not only helped my leg, it has also improved my posture, balance and core strength. I am delighted!!”

- Karen aka “Danville Old Chick” 2015

"While training for Ironman Arizona I developed a debilitating pain in my right knee from overuse 3 weeks before the race. On short notice, Victoria was able to see me and diagnose the problem. She developed an immediate course of action as well as long term follow up plan to prevent the issue from recurring. After our PT session and then following her prescribed workouts in the following weeks, I was able to finish my race pain free with a new PR, finishing 7th in my age group. I highly recommend Ironhorse PT and Pilates!"

- Ish M 2016

"I have been a patient of Victoria on/off or over one year, as I had some reoccurring running related issues, mostly foot, knee and lower back pain. Victoria quickly identified some related deficiencies related to flexibility and strength. She outlined a program which targeted those deficiencies, which has helped greatly and I am now running pain free. I have taken her Bulletproof Runner series which not only highlighted flexibility and strength but the importance of proper running form to avoid injury.  Highly recommended!"

- DW 2016

"I came to Victoria after finishing rehab for an Achilles rupture surgery.  The rehab had been successful in giving me mobility but I felt I was far away from reaching my goal of getting back to running. During the initial consultation, Victoria identified several areas preventing progress and we discussed possible treatment options. One of the things I considered is the cost of rehab versus sessions with Victoria. When you consider the attention, focus, and results there is absolutely no contest. Thanks to Victoria, I have made significant progress in the past 3+ months and have started running again! She continues to work with me not only on the injured Achilles but overall strength to provide me the stability to continue to run injury free. I would highly recommend Ironhorse Pilates as the best return on investing in yourself!"

- Maria G. 2017

"I started seeing Carrie for my physical therapy needs few weeks back and I started feeling better, right from the first session. She explained the body mechanics and emphasized on the body movements that do not make your symptoms worse. She is very patient and knowledgeable. I will highly recommend her for anyone with physical therapy needs."

- Dharmender G. 2017

"Victoria is awesome!  I have scoliosis and have had back pain every single day for years.  About a year ago my doctor suggested I try PT.  I went to a place that could not meet my needs and I never went back.  Then a couple months ago my doctor said she would like me to try PT again. Someone had just told her about Ironhorse PT and Pilates, so I reluctantly (based on past experience) gave Ironhorse a call.  Let me just say that I am SO GLAD that I met Victoria!  I really connected with her philosophy -- that the body is a whole unit.   She examines the problem area but also all the areas connected to/affected by it.  I love that she really listens to her clients and their needs.  She pushes me to do more than I think I can and gives me take home exercises.  She also always explains everything she is doing and why she is doing it so you really understand what the benefit is.  I find that to be the most helpful.  I can say that I am now virtually pain-free, have more mobility than I have had in years, and am doing things that I would never have done before (raced a boat in the bay, climbed to Coit Tower).  Victoria at Ironhorse PT and Pilates is the best.  I highly recommend! "

- L I. 2017

"I have been seeing Victoria for roughly 3 months now. I came in originally because I had horrible back pain and every PT I've seen previously hasn't helped. In just a few weeks I was completely relieved from the pain! I've recently had another injury with my knee from sports and it is feeling much better already. Her practice is completely focused on you and she is determined to help. She is extremely knowledgeable in the PT field and an awesome person in general! If you are injured or want injury prevention tips definitely come to Ironhorse to get rid of your pain!"

- Lexi S. 2017

"Victoria Liu is an excellent Physical Therapist who has helped me to recover more quickly from hip surgery. Now that She has developed  a program for me to do at home so I can stay in shape and active. Victoria attends workshops and classes so she is up on the latest techniques, she is personable and caring. I highly recommend her!"

- Judy from Danville, CA 2016

"I'm very remiss in writing this review because Victoria Liu helped give me back physical and mental strength after years of ignoring my body.  I found Victoria after many weeks of repetitive, non-therapeutic p/t with another provider for neck and low back pain.  It wasn't until I went into spasms and had a bout of sciatica that I knew I had to try a change.  I was very lucky to have found Victoria who combined her knowledge of physical therapy, strength training via reformer Pilates, homework for every day exercises and mental encouragement to get "back on the horse" to regain mobility.  She's a trained athlete herself which is also an inspiration.  I enjoyed the kind, non-judging, engaged sessions with her so much I looked forward to going every week.  I've moved out of the area but just worked through a hint of the sciatic pain, remembering the techniques Victoria taught me.  She's a real gem.  If you need any type of physical therapy or rehab, you'll be lucky to work with her, too."

- NV R 2016

"I have been seeing Victoria at Ironhorse PT and Pilates for over two years. I started going to Ironhorse PT and Pilates with a goal to gain better balance and overall core strength. They brought me well beyond my goals and even helped me bring my body and mind to a place where I was able to complete a half-ironman! I continue to go to Ironhorse PT and Pilates twice a week to maintain and built upon the strength and stability they have shown me is so important to live a healthy and well balanced life. I highly recommend them for not only building a balanced and strong body, but also for helping to put to rest body pains and aches. I have learned a lot about my body and different movement tendencies that I would never have noticed on my own. Understanding why these tendencies exist and working to change the way I stand, sit, and move has helped me get rid of many pains that I thought just came with age. This is not just a "momentary fix" organization, they help you easily and effectively change your life habits for long time success."

- Mark W. 2017

"Victoria is amazing! My boyfriend has been seeing her for about 2 years now and she has helped him when his back was in pain and gain more core stability. Along with building core strength, Victoria has helped him perfect his form. Especially with "hip hinge". He comes home very excited that he can now properly squat and deadlift, when he never was able to. I myself have also seen Victoria when my back flared up. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a PT or pilates."

- Samantha R. 2017

"Victoria is more than a physical therapist. She has a multi-faceted approach to helping me recover from a knee injury - physical, mental, and lifestyle. As a result, Victoria unleashes the power of physical therapy like few other PT's can. After over a year of bad experience with other PT's, two months of visits with Victoria has finally helped put me on track of recovery from a knee injury. Victoria adapts exercises to suit my body's condition in creative ways, instead of rigidly following the textbook and prescribing exercises that I could not manage. Then she progresses these exercises little by little so that two months into the treatment I feel much stronger and in control. In addition to physical exercises, Victoria also helps to correct my mental fear towards movements by easing my concerns about my injury, and she keeps my upbeat by pointing out improvements I have achieved. Victoria also encourages me to get back to physical activities that I have shied away from for over a year. I am hiking and swimming again. I stopped being active after my injury and under her encouragement I'm getting back to living my life. The recovery of my knee is a long-term project. I hope to continue getting stronger with Victoria's help."

- Wenqin C. 2016

"In January of 2015, Victoria Liu had an 8 week class for triathletes. At the time I was having issues with my right hamstring. it was an off and on pain for years after competing in a marathon. In January of 2015, Victoria Liu had an 8 week class for triathletes. At the time I was having issues with my right hamstring. it was an off and on pain for years after competing in a marathon. During the class we were given a lot of stretching and strengthening exercises.  The class really focused on proper body movements and isolated specific muscle groups. Victoria also gave me exercises for the hamstring. Since the class, I've incorporated the new strengthening and stretching into my daily workout routine.  I'm very happy to say that I have not had an issue with the hamstring since. To put it simply - she is an expert in the industry. Victoria is also a great athlete which helps her to relate to issues that athletes have from time to time.  I would not hesitate to recommend Ironhorse PT to anyone."

- Al M. 2016

"Victoria Liu is a fantastic physical therapist. She is very experienced in the field with tons of continued education and is also very knowledgeable in pilates which she integrates well into her therapy.  She has a wide variety of tools she has mastered to use at her disposal depending on your conditions and goals.  Beyond her effective treatment, she is an upbeat, caring person that truly loves helping people. Many other clinics in my experience take too many patients per hour to make money and end up passing on the work to aides that don't know what they are doing.  At Ironhorse PT, Victoria has no PT Aides and the entire session is spent with 100% attention on you. The value that you get out of one session from her is at least double the amount you would get at a session at an average clinic." 

- Mark B. 2016

"During my second pregnancy, I was diagnosed with Diastasis Recti (DR), abdominal muscle separation.  I had a big "mummy tummy" which made it look like I was 5 months pregnant even after giving birth.  This was a big deal for me since I have a petite frame.  My doctor said that I can get a "tummy tuck" surgery and I was so upset to hear that.  I wanted to see if I could rehabilitate myself through exercise instead of surgery.  I contacted Victoria Liu and she said that she had worked with DR clients before and she also had it herself when she was pregnant.  This was very reassuring to hear.  I began going to her about 2 months ago and I see her every 2 weeks.  I have seen great progress.  I am very diligent about doing my exercises every day.  My tummy has reduced by about 5 inches.  With each visit, Victoria would provide me with new exercises which would build upon each other.  The exercises are kegel intensive which are key to strengthening my core.  I absolutely love working with Victoria! she has a wonderful personality and is very knowledgeable about physical therapy/pilates.  Most importantly she has given me hope that I can improve my body/strength.  Her office is very clean and has all of the equipment needed to help one on their journey to becoming physically fit.  I also admire that she participates in triathlons !!!  I highly recommend Victoria !!!"

- Denise R. 2015

"Victoria Liu is a well educated and highly trained physical therapist.  She cares for her clients and makes an extra effort to come up with solutions to their problems that will work for them. I have known her for over five years, and frankly I don't know of any physical therapist who is more knowledgeable. She is sincere and available to her clients.  She has the ability to encourage people and support them in the process of returning to the best physical health they can achieve. She also helps them understand and learn how to improve and maintain their health. As she is a Pilates Instructor as well, she can review some of the Pilates exercises that can assist her clients maintaining good physical health. I would unconditionally recommend her to anyone who needs physical therapy."

- Judy P. 2015

"I was referred to Ironhorse PT by a friend who went here for a knee problem and raved about them. After going to several other PT practices that were in-network with my insurance without much success, I decided to go out of network and give Ironhorse PT a try. With the in-network places, I only saw the therapist for 15-20 min and they always seemed distracted by the other patients they had at the same time. My experience with Ironhorse PT was drastically different from them. Victoria was my therapist and on the 1st session, she did a thorough evaluation of my back and hip problem, devised a treatment plan, explained everything to me and told me how this was going to be a partnership. Each session was about an hour but there was no fluff treatment of ultrasound or ice and electrical stim which I never felt did much for me long-term anyway. This is where I was introduced to pilates and also to kettlebell training which was tremendously helpful to rehab my back and strengthen my core. After the pain in my back and hip resolved, I've continued to work with Victoria on a "wellness" program- I come into see her once in a while for tune-ups where we do some ART/massage. I also continue pilates and strength training with her since she is more knowledgeable than any personal trainer so I trust her, especially with my history of back/hip issues."

- JB 2016

“Victoria has a unique blend of expertise and she is, by far, the best physical therapist I’ve worked with. (I’ve seen therapists on and off for over 20 years now.) As background, I was a high school athlete with a knee injury, and I became a runner and triathlete in my 20’s and 30’s. I have personally benefited from Victoria’s knowledge of orthopedics, pilates, and other training. By working with her, I’ve seen the most progress to date on my knee issues. I plan to continue to see her to help me with strengthen as well as relearning movement so that I can continue an active lifestyle.”

- Patrice C. 2010

"Whooohoooo, Yes this is as good as it gets, and gets even better after visiting Victoria at Ironhorse PT. I could not walk without pain when I arrived at Ironhorse, my life was small and confined and was was feeling miserable and hopeless. Victoria's hands on and her knowledge of how the body works is amazing.  5 short sessions later, I can walk, I am back on my bike and have  hope again to do another TRIalthlon! Magic, Victoria, simply magic!"

- Nons

"I recommend Ironhorse PT and Pilates to anyone with an injury.  Victoria is excellent at thoroughly evaluating and assessing your issue and then executing a plan of action.  I recently saw Victoria for a hip injury I have had for over 15 years.  She has quickly helped me regain strength long ago lost and has helped me return to activities I had thought were no longer possible. I used to have pain just walking/hiking 1 mile and now I can run 5 miles without hip pain. 3 of my family members have seen Victoria for different issues/injuries over the past years.  She has always been able to help us by using her knowledge to quickly pinpoint the issue at hand and then offering solutions that are reasonable, attainable, and long lasting. Thanks Victoria. We can't thank you enough!"

- MK 2016

"For almost 3 years I have had on-going pain in my right hip. I attributed this to the two falls off my bike, landing on this hip and severely bruising it each time. Over this period I have had two PT sessions at a place my doctor recommended (not with Ironhorse PT), about 6 visits in each, which provided minimal help. The pain was there outside of any exercise and included not being able to lie on my side at night. After another 9 months of dealing with the constant nagging pain, I went back to my doctor, had additional x-rays and an MRI, found nothing, and attributed it most likely to bursitis, and some joint degeneration. More PT sessions scheduled but this time I went to Victoria instead of the other places. After a few treatment sessions with Victoria (including techniques NOT done by my previous therapists) my pain was no longer constant, and its intensity was greatly reduced.  I also now have a strengthening plan from her to correct my muscle imbalances from favoring my right side for so long. The therapy techniques used by Victoria, along with the strength evaluation and training plan, have made a huge difference in the way I feel."

- L.D. 2014 & 2016

“My son and I have been treated by Victoria Liu in June 2011. I received PT post surgery for a torn labrum in my shoulder. At my evaluation, I shared my goals – forget that I ever injured my shoulder and get back to an active physical life free of pain. She told me she would need 8-10 sessions with her to get my mobility and strength back…she was right! My mobility and range of motion are back and I am working on making my shoulder stronger. Victoria has such a tremendous knowledge (and passion) for the body! I sent my son to see her prior to him leaving for boot camp for “shin splints”. Turns out his flat feet and tendinitis were the cause for his pain. Through a series of PT sessions, strengthening exercises, and orthotics, he developed an arch in his feet and he is pain free! He is in his 4th week of boot camp and feels great – NO leg pain!! Victoria genuinely cares about her patients and their well being. She boosts confidence and motivates us to take care of ourselves. I highly recommend Victoria Liu!”

- J.B.  2011

“Victoria is not the ‘average’ physical therapist. While some focus on getting you up and walking, she aims to get you back to performance shape. She is able to think outside the box and sets up a prudent treatment plan. Her background in Pilates and other sports allows her to understand the needs of athletes and “weekend warriors” alike. I would highly recommend her services if you are looking for results!”

- Kyle A., 2011

Victoria is truly an expert in her field and loves what she does. She not only takes the time to truly investigate the challenges/pains you may be experiencing, but she takes it to another level. Victoria works through all of the possible causes of your pain to track down the true cause of your ailment. While doing all of this, Victoria takes the time to educate you so that you really understand what is going on with your body. It’s nice to understand so you know what you have to do to get better. Victoria is great at providing creative exercises or “homework assignments” for all atheltic abilities to strengthen and make progress. Her hard work, honesty and understanding of her clients and their needs is what sets Victoria apart from the rest!”

- M.F.,2011

“The owner of this practice, Victoria Liu, has been my physical therapist since 2008; starting in mid 2011, when she opened her own practice, she has also been my pilates instructor. I am a 68 year-old male, and Victoria’s training and experience in physical therapy combined with pilates has been a life saver for me. My original problem was related to knee pain (arthritis and very active gym workouts), with poor posture making matters worse. Victoria is very experienced, analytical, and gentle. She also imparts practical and helpful knowledge to her patients. My posture is greatly improved, and my knee pain has been gone for several years. Victoria is simply great to work with, and I highly recommend her. (She also works with my wife on issues related to her shoulders, knees, and feet, and has been very helpful to her as well).”

- D.F. hired Victoria as a physical therapist in 2012 and as pilates instructor since 2013

“I’ve received treatment from Victoria in June 2011, and I most highly recommend her with absolutely no reservations. She is not only extremely knowledgeable (and continues her pursuit of education by attending seminars on the most current literature), she is caring and treats you as an individual, not just a diagnosis. She not only treated my injury, she also helped diagnose another problem which I hadn’t known I had, but eventually found out I needed surgery for. If you want someone who knows what she’s doing, is caring about you and your goals, is really engaged in helping you get well and stronger, will support you every step of the way, and has your overall best interest in mind, Victoria is the Physical Therapist for you”

- B.R. hired Victoria as a physical therapist in 2011

“I found Victoria Liu in 2012 and worked with her for several months. I had been to several other PTs and continued to have back pain for at least 1 year without much relief. When we first met, she took the time to know me, hear my concerns, asked a lot of questions, communicated with the referring physician and began a deliberate and sustained program that was personalized for me and my comfort level. Every session began with a thorough review of what happened since our last time together, new concerns and feedback from the exercises that were assigned as ‘homework’. She designed a program and routines that suited my style (motivated, newbie) and made sure there was continuity and follow-through. Looking back, I’m amazed at the progress – certainly couldn’t have done it without the capable, professional and personalized care from Victoria. Highly recommended.

- H.M. hired Victoria Liu as a physical therapist in 2012

“Victoria is an excellent manual therapist with the handling skills and clinical knowledge to take her clients as far as they want to go. As an athlete herself, she has the innate ability to progress clients in a way that does not re-injure them and keeps them focused on their goals. Having the opportunity to train with Victoria, I would not hesitate to see her for any condition that I may have or to refer clients to her. She is an expert in her field and I would highly recommend her services.”

- Amisha K.

“Victoria has an outstanding level of knowledge in her field of physical therapy and physical training. She takes each client seriously and makes the client’s goals achievable. Victoria is herself an example of what she teaches. She is fit, bright and energetic and her enthusiasm is contagious! I highly recommend her.”

- Bill D. 2007

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