Achilles Tendon Rehab On Pilates Reformer!

Saturday Sweat with @ironptmom! 

@ironptmom is demonstrating an exercise progression we use on the pilates reformer to help rehab runners and other patients after having achilles tendonitis or achilles surgery.

Note that in this one exercise, she’s working on several different things:
1) Core Control
2) Head/Neck and Shoulder Posture
3) Glutes + Hamstrings = Posterior Chain
4) Foot Ankle Strength = Soleus

This makes you miss Pilates doesn’t it? You’re in luck cuz:
We are not a traditional physical therapy office and we are OPEN for business as usual:
- We treat just 1 patient per hour (you will never be sitting next to another person getting hot or cold packs or electrical stimulation or ultrasound). That’s just NOT how we roll.
- We are invested in your WHOLE body care, not just the area that’s injured.
- We are invested in helping you get back to the highest level of fitness and wellness that you want to achieve. Sometimes that’s an Ironman, marathon, crossfit, Spartan race or playing with your kids/grandkids!

We are now booking private sessions, duets and trios with our fabulous Pilates Instructor Alli! DM or call/text the office at 925-222-5446 to set up a PT evaluation with our Run expert @ironptmom or Pilates sessions with @pilateswithalli.