From Pubic Symphysis Separation to Running!

Our client “SK” 1st came to us because she had pain walking and going up/down stairs after the birth of her 3rd baby. She had developed a pubic symphysis separation: See where the finger is pointing? That area softens when you’re pregnant due to the hormone relaxin, to allow the baby to pass through. All the white stuff in the photo (courtesy of @pelvicguru1) are the ligaments (connective tissue that protects joints and connect bone to bone). They also soften so that the mother can be “stretchy” to accommodate for the growing baby. But sometimes, that area can stretch a bit too much and actually separate, causing pain with activities that separate your legs like walking, stairs, sex and lunges. Fast forward to now, “SK” has been running and walking without pain and is utilizing our telehealth services to progress her strength program to get to her goal of running a 5K. This has been a great option for her because she can work around her kids’ summer camp and school schedule and avoid driving in Bay Area traffic to our office.