How Long Should You Foam Roll For?

If you’re a runner and you tell us that you don’t have time to do strength training BUT you spend an hour in a Foam Rolling class, you’re gonna get an eye roll!

@ironptmom created our clinic’s Bulletproof Runner program to help injured runners recover and set PR’s. We mainly use foam rolling for a quick warm up before movement prep for running OR as a cooldown, recovery and self assessment or discovery. Using the roller, you could find “hotspots” in muscles or areas that might signify an underlying issue that may need to be addressed. You should then contact your local physical therapist who specializes in runners to sort it out before it becomes a full blown injury that stops you from running. 

Please note that we don’t spend more than 10 min foam rolling and can cover the entire body in less than that! If you need more than 10 minutes for something to “release”, you should seek advice from a health care professional who works with runners. Check out the full body routine that @ironptmom did this weekend while hanging out at her daughter’s swim meet! The only thing missing was a small ball to roll the bottoms of her feet.