Ready to Run? Test Yourself With The Single Leg Bridge!

I’ve said this before but it’s SO important that I’ll say it again! HIPS=PELVIC FLOOR and PELVIC FLOOR =HIPS! So many women pee on themselves when they run or jump, cough or sneeze (even if it’s just a little when your bladder is full). Leaking pee is never normal even if it’s super common.

I can tell A LOT about how your core and pelvic floor function when I watch how you perform certain exercises like this one:

The Single Leg Bridge. ⠀

- Keep ribs down (don’t let your back arch) ⠀

- Keep pelvis connected to ribs (slight tuck of pelvis)⠀

- Hips, shoulder and Knee should form a straight line at the top of the bridge ⠀

How many reps can you go in 1 minute? GO! Let me know in the comments below, video yourself doing max reps of bridges and tag me and a friend to win a FREE Run Gait analysis!

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