Rehab Your Shoulder and Core With THIS Reformer Exercise!

When Red & Yellow Therabands just don’t cut it for rotator cuff rehab, do something different! 

Our client, KW loves pilates and yoga and hurt her shoulder overdoing exercises in a group exercise class at the gym a few months ago. As a result, she couldn’t do some of her favorite exercises i.e. downward dog, push ups or chatarunga. She also had trouble sleeping at night cuz her shoulder would hurt.

After working with @ironptmom for several weeks, she was able to do a great job coordinating her core and shoulder muscles on the pilates reformer. Stay for end of the video to see a great variation for getting the serratus anterior to fire (FYI it’s an important muscle you need to get your arm overhead without pain).

We often find that just isolating the rotator cuff with therabands (as is often the case with traditional physical therapy) just isn’t enough to bridge the gap between injury and fitness. Our bodies work as an interconnected system so isolation exercises only go so far if you wanna be remotely athletic.

Do you have or know someone who has shoulder pain and traditional PT didn’t help? Maybe it’s time to do something different.

PS- We offer semi private and private Pilates for Rehab sessions for people who wanna be active and mobile but aren’t quite ready to go back to a regular fitness class...or are scared about hurting themselves in a fitness class. DM us or go to link in BIO to inquire about how we might be able to help you get fit and strong again!