What Matters Most When It Comes To Recovery From Training?

I think most people would agree that smart recovery is essential when you want to get fitter, stronger, decrease body fat and gain muscle. Many athletes worry about how important and how long they should be foam rolling, what the best massage gun is and wonder about when to schedule deep tissue massage to maximize their recovery from training. See the bottom of the pyramid? These are the things we should all be more concerned with. They’re the BIG rocks. You can’t foam roll enough to undo stupid training! You also can’t foam roll enough to undo poor sleep and eating habits. 

If you’re always having to foam roll, massage and gun yourself because of all of the knots in your muscles, you may wanna take a look at your training program. Do you even have a plan or is your exercise program a bunch random stuff you found on the internet? Don’t get us wrong, we love and use all of those things (massage, therapy guns and foam rollers) for recovery but just remember, they’re a great adjunct to the BIG rocks. **They just aren’t the BIG rocks**

So worry about the stuff at the top of the pyramid only after you’ve nailed the other stuff that make up most of the pyramid!

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