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Why Choose Us

Our goal is to help people stay fit, active and mobile by offering highly personalized 1 on 1 services with a "whole-istic" approach so that you can participate in the activities you enjoy most (whether it’s run, crossfit, triathlon or playing with kids/grandkids). We “walk the talk” and understand the demands of your life and/or sport better than anybody else (because we do those sports too!)

Most places will just work on the area that hurts, and while this usually will give you some relief, it’s usually temporary. 

Everything in the body is linked and what happens in one part affects the other parts: when you throw a rock in the middle of a pond, it sends ripples outward. How far the ripples travel depends on the force at which the rock is thrown. So an injury occurring at your hip may have consequences for your knee, back and even your neck! We will often work together with your chiropractor and/or massage therapist as our treatments are a good complement to each other.

The traditional medical and physical therapy models only treat the symptoms (and only one body part at a time) with pills, injections, surgery, ultrasound, electrical stim, etc. Treatment or intervention begins only AFTER pain and dysfunction has developed, the current health system is very REACTIVE. 

What Makes Ironhorse Physical Therapy & Pilates Different

In your evaluation, we find what deficits and performance “limiters” you have and look at the body as a whole, not just the parts that hurt or don’t work well. This is how Ironhorse Physical Therapy & Pilates is different from many other physical therapists, chiropractic and massage therapists.

Here at Ironhorse Physical Therapy & Pilates, we believe in addressing “root” causes of your problem(s) and treat each client “Whole-istically”. 

After all, our minds and bodies are inextricably connected! We believe in being PROACTIVE and preventing problems and truly being and feeling healthy and WELL.  

We focus on one client at a time, you have our undivided attention to help you achieve your goals in this partnership. You will never be “double-booked”, and you will be treated by our team of licensed and certified physical therapists who conference and meet to discuss the best plan of care for your needs. We do not use aides or assistants to administer treatment, ensuring the highest quality care available.

We are also highly trained and experienced with numerous additional certifications in Physical Therapy (ART, FAAOMPT) and fitness (Kettlebells, Pilates, TRX, Strength and Conditioning). 

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